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Electric power, W 50
DC supply voltage, V 160-260
The current through the module, mA 1500
Color temperature, K 5500-6000
Luminous flux, lm / W 100
Power Supply, 90-274
Frequency, Hz 50
Power factor (PF) 0,95
Power consumption from the mains, W 57,5
Current consumption of the network, and 0,26
Power delivered to the load, W 50
The angle of the luminous flux of disclosure, Grad. 110*55
Luminous flux 5000
Number of connected LED modules, W 1*50
Number of channels power LED modules, W 1
Housing dimensions (without bracket), mm 470*240*85
Packing Dimensions, mm 520*310*135
Weight, kg. (Weight excluding packaging) 3,8
Weight, kg. (With packaging) 4,5
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