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Street Lights LED road lighting design have their distinctive characteristics and can work with most light sources. The characteristic features LED street lamps are their attachment to the console, and the light flux is completely distributed to the road surface. Street console fixtures are ideal for lighting of roads, squares, highways, platforms, train stations and other facilities. Also it can be used as a landscape park of illuminating devices. They are distinguished by the highest protection against dust and moisture, and increased range of operating temperatures. To buy our products, we invite you to call the hotline or send an inquiry by e-mail.

We have our own design and patent portfolio fixtures street lighting fixtures, allowing customers to meet the requirements of state and local government. We are a manufacturer, so placing a large warehouse, many products in stock and available from the remnants of the warehouse.

Thanks to our product reduces the number of dangerous and dark areas in the cities, yards, and increases the safety of road traffic, and thus saved human life and human health. At present, we can confidently assert that the usual technology is not as effective on the technical abilities and review of the LEDs.

Due to the large scale production Vixma offers low prices, which may be obtained by requesting a price list for our lighting products, the company consultants, which presents popular models within 10-1000Vt with a brightness of up to 100 thousand. lumen.

The city authorities and owners of businesses constantly monitor elektrozatraty and energy consumption at its facilities, with their constantly trying to optimize and minimize. This outdoor LED luminaire can be installed directly on the lighting columns and pillars, both metal and wood, while not changing the wiring diagrams. It can be a long time to forget about the repair and maintenance of road lighting


For even illumination of the railway transport, industrial areas, roads, parks and other areas located outdoor use LED street lamp.
Most developed countries are gradually moving to universal use of LED street lamps, since using them as much as possible is achieved uniform lighting of roads, parks, squares and other areas. It promotes this indicator several important reasons. The primary reason is the protection of the environment. Safety of LED lighting is a huge plus, harmful substances in the light-emitting diodes are not available, and to minimize greenhouse gas emissions into the environment, this is achieved due to the small power consumption, and infrared and ultraviolet radiation is absent.
As one of the main reasons in the selection of LED lighting has become a decent saving on energy costs. LEDs require much less energy than fluorescent lamps, about twice. Also, long-term use of street lamps, when compared with fluorescent and halogen lamps, it is also a huge selection advantage. High performance, robust construction, environmental safety, the possibility of saving on replacement and maintenance of lighting equipment - all this makes stop the choice on LED lighting. These are all indicators are very relevant and in the winter season, when the weather is accompanied by changes in temperature, humidity, frost and strong winds.
Another advantage of LED lighting has become the luminous flux, it is very smooth, the most similar to daylight, this feature may not suggest other sources of street lighting. This ability provides good visibility on the roads, which allows drivers to quickly respond to the situation on the road. The stroboscopic effect is almost completely eliminated thanks to the absence of pulsations.
We are engaged in the production of street lighting, with the possibility of repair, if necessary, in different capacities, and the replacement drivers during their installation is not necessary. They are ideal for illuminating the surrounding areas of industrial enterprises, parking lots, alleys, houses adjoining areas, roads and many other outdoor areas and deserve respect.

LED street lighting - are:
- Saving twice in power consumption,
- 100% performance in all weather conditions and at different temperatures, from severe frosts to heat,
- A convenient console mount,
- Reducing costs during installation of LED lamps, special equipment installation is not required,
- Savings on maintenance costs of fixtures due to their durability, fifty thousand hours of continuous operation,
- Competitiveness,
- A small power consumption,
- A large and uniform light output,
- A large luminous efficiency,
- A narrow beam (15) makes it possible to cover a long distance;
- The absence of ultraviolet and infrared radiation.