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A powerful lighting LED lamp bulb is considered LMS-Series 60-40. It allows you to replace the lamp series DRL400 or DNaT250 in street lamps CGS, HCS and is considered the most economical option for the device in the basement lighting E40 to significantly reduce energy consumption, with respect to mercury or high pressure sodium lamps.

Model number LMS-30-40 
  (Analogue lamps DRL-400, DNaT-70)
Colour daylight and warm white
Color temperature, K 3500-6500
Number of LED units.  
Power, W 60±0.2
Luminous flux 6000
Voltage, 220
The angle of illumination 360°
Material Aluminum, plastic
Operating temperature -30 +55°C
plinth Е-40 (Е-27)
Protection IP-40
Weight, kg  

The main purpose of the LED lamps in the basement of the E40 is the installation in luminaires for the purpose of lighting the city streets or roads, yet they are the perfect analogue quite energy intensive discharge lamps and DRL250 DNAT250 series. These LED lamps are very versatile and can be used in a variety of lamps. And in the console illuminating devices HCS design, LED lamp runs on 220V and can be installed directly, bypassing the internal ignition units ballast (ballast).

By purchasing this LED lamp E40 can be 8 times to save energy consumption, with respect to the type of mercury lamps DRL-250 lamp SL30 E40 consumes 250W power capacity. However, in reality, this value is equal to 330Vt. The explanation is quite simple. Small mercury lamp efficiency is approximately 65%. LED bulb E40, SL30 spends energy only 38-40Vt and efficiency even higher than 90%.

Led lamps E40 increasingly being used to replace fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps with E40 socket. They are actively used in different luminaires HUS, CGS and industrial suspended illuminating devices such as: CPR.

Luminous flux this LED lamp is about 2600 lumens, which is weaker than about 5 times, compared with a mercury lamp DRL250. But why did the LED lamp shines quite brightly and evenly? This occurs for the following reason. Thanks to the latest technology LED lamp is arranged so that each of its LED aims set for individual lens, which is why the work of LEDs in conjunction with the lens directs the flow of light in the direction designated by him. At the same discharge lamps exact concentration is not available, so the luminous flux is distributed randomly and the largest part of the light reaches the desired lighting object with significant losses from the reflector illuminating device.

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