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LED lamp е26/e27 6W 110V LMS-008

Lighting Plant Vixma engaged in the production of all types and kinds of LED lamps with LEDs, presented in the Russian market and in the world. We publish on our site the most popular models. Thanks to our design, engineering, manufacturing capabilities, we can produce lamps submitted modifications:
- Permanent / alternating current (AC / DC) 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 110, 220, 380
- Lighting angle within 5-360 degrees
- Power 1-500Vt
- LED lamp with a cartridge E27
- Refractory plastic, various kinds of metals, a combination of these materials and aluminum
- All kinds of caps, including the most popular
- Lamps with a variety of sensors: sound, motion, and light
- Dull, colorless, with reflennoy surface
- Explosion-proof lamps
- Waterproof lamps with IP65
- Dimmable lamps, including management
- Brightness diode within 50-200 lm / In
- The use of light-emitting diodes of various modifications (odnovatnye, modules, SMD, etc..), A variety of power supply manufacturers
All of our lamps are regularly held state certification and fully correspond to the characteristics of the state standards GOST, also have their own individual number, data sheets, stamps and coupons warranty.
LED bulb E27 are considered to be reliable, durable and very economical. Such designation of E27 corresponds to the simple, standard 27mm - Socket, which is sometimes referred to as "thick". It already exists for over 100 years, the famous "light Ilyich" is likely, too, it was with the same socket.
We are engaged in the issue of LED lamps of different shapes and different capacities: as a simple bulb and ball and candles. They can be opaque or transparent, and the light color - warm or cold. color temperature corresponds to 2800 degrees for warm white and about 6000 degrees to cold white.
E27 - threaded socket, which is still the most common. Despite the fact that over time available and there are many other models, about half of lighting devices made with this cartridge. Such lamps are usually quite large, often - a great power.

Give your home a world standard lights with our help.

Choosing the type of lighting in our catalog, you will find a rich list of models of LED lamps, suitable for different caps. In addition to individual orders, we carry and wholesale supplies at discount prices.

Should I opt for LEDs?

Now buyers, among an abundance of goods on the market, it is difficult to make the right choice, and most consumers buy lower cost products. So it is with incandescent lamps that being a little cheaper in price, the other parameters are inferior lighting devices with built-in diode. A vivid example of the lamp with a standard E27 base.

What is the advantage of semiconductor diode lamps?

Saving with a capital letter. LED products consume significantly less power, which increases their lifespan. at the expense of economy coexists with savings on repeat purchases.
Excluding heating once and for all. After so many years of use bulbs of Ilyich, it is difficult to believe that the lamp may have low emissivity, wasting energy only to light, but LEDs have proven that this is possible.
Extends beyond the boundaries of the usual. LED lamp with a cartridge E27, and can be used in lighting streets and houses adjoining areas. High-quality housing made of high-strength glass, saves all functional quality LED lamps, even in the harsh conditions of outdoor use.

We learn the intricacies of choice.

Depending on the lamp mounting location with LEDs varies and its required power. When ordering LED-lamps with E27 base for the house you can select the output within 8 watts, lighting the area with dimensions of warehouses garages or advisable to carry out more powerful diodes - 9-12 watts.
In addition to the power given to each individual diode models E27 bulbs have a choice, and the temperature of the light emitted. This option provides unlimited opportunities in the choice, but also as a power in the choice of lighting temperature plays the role of the specifics of the room.

The diversity of the E27 lamp in our catalog, available at any time.