LED lamps and bulbs E12/E14

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VIXMA lighting company manufactures all types and kinds of LED lamps, presented in the Russian market and in the world. On our site are published the most famous model. Our technical, design and production capabilities allow to produce lamps of the following modifications:

- 1 Power - 500W


- With AC and DC (AC / DC) 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 110, 220, 380

- Aluminum, refractory plastics and various metals, as a combination of these materials

- Emission angle 5-360 degrees

- Lamps with different sensors: ambient light, sound, movement

- All kinds of caps E40, E14, E27, MR11, G5.3 MR16, G4, G24, G53 AR111, G9, G13, GU10, PAR30, PAR38 (T5, T8), etc. -. Transparent, matt surface with reflennoy

- Explosion-proof lamps

- Waterproof lamp IP 65

- The brightness of the diode 50-200 lumens / B

- Dimmable lamps, including management

- Using LEDs of different models (odnovatnye, SMD modules, etc.) and power units of different manufacturers. Absolutely all the lights went gos.sertifikatsiyu and match the system GOST Gos.standarta also have a unique number, data sheets, warranty marks and stamps.

    LED Bulbs E14

     Most of today's consumers prefer LED-lamps to replace obsolete gas lamps. With this approach in covering possible to significantly save costs for electricity consumption. With this device you can easily implement any design decision in matters of lighting. LED bulb E14 earned special popularity among users thanks to the universality of the cap. This size fits most lamps, chandeliers and lamps.

Why you should stay at the ICE-lamps?
With the E14 often organize home lighting. Also, these devices can be used in restaurants, offices and other commercial premises, lighting organization requires a large number of products. But most of all, use the same in their homes.

Advantages of the ice-lamps:
Environmental safety, do not contain hazardous substances such as mercury and neon;
energy savings;
Virtually no heat;
No flickering;
Lit instantly;
Long service life.

With the help of LED bulbs E14 can create creative lighting. The design has a classic Edison Screw, which is why LED bulbs are identical to standard and can easily replace the latter.

The diameter of the cap LED-lamp is 14 mm has a considerable angle light scatter, thereby providing a uniform illumination, in this light flashes on and no shadows. Using this type of lighting every corner of the room will be illuminated.

A wide range of products
Design LED-lights has a different design. This can be suppositories, drops or balls. With a wide range of forms, you can easily install the lamp on any type of device: a floor lamp or a sconce, lamp or luminaire. The most commonly used light, due to the handiness of its shape. They look great in the classic crystal chandeliers, creating an active flow of light and a special atmosphere by glowing candles. The lamps can emit light in different colors.

We have a wide range of lamp socket 14 mm. Our store sells only the best products, such lamps can save considerably, they are practical and extremely safe. We have wholesale offers for every taste.