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Industrial LED luminaires can be installed in buildings on the ceiling for small or medium suspension heights, and use them to light industrial and agricultural facilities, warehouses, underground parking lots and garages, and offices with moderate and aggressive environment. They are ideal for areas with high levels of dust and excessive humidity. Industrial lights SSA series is already well established in the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Mount the building data, industrial LED lighting can be at different distances relative to the floor. Most often such adaptations prefer when you want to highlight the agricultural property, garages, industrial buildings, underground parking, or others. In areas with high levels of dust and moisture, these LED lights can also be operated perfectly. This kind of lighting devices is incredibly popular in all world markets. LED lamps series SSA is certainly characterized by their capacity. For information on how to purchase or learn LED luminaire its cost can be on the Internet, as well as a specialized company Vixma department. Lamp power consumption - 220W network, current 1A, a stream of light - 100Lm / W. Dimensions of device is very acceptable, with their functionality, for example, the size of the SSA-210 is only 380 * 310 * 210 and its weight 8kg. The owner of this lamp may well save on lighting devices, thanks to the great durability. These lamps have exceptional durability and, consequently, the demand does not end in the ranks of the world market.

If you own a warehouse or production facility and have long planned to reduce electricity bills at the time of financial crisis, we suggest you consider the warehouse lighting with LEDs (in some sources they are called industrial LED lighting), because they have replaced the outdated generation of lamps and spotlights.

The main advantage of LED lamps used in the industry, is that in the LED is completely missing the glass. In most cases, installing the lens for the light is not required. This usually depends on the direction of light. In conventional lamps element such as a lens often causes loss of luminous flux. This is due to contamination lamp which is inevitable over time. The most important is, just the same, for industrial premises, where the most aggressive environment affects the lighting.

Thanks to the latest direction of the light industrial lighting with LEDs can also deal with the problem of light pollution. The latter is usually called an inefficient design of lighting systems. Light pollution - one of the most common problems in this area. It causes high wastage of energy, and also violates the already well-established ecosystem. This affects the human biological clock and, as a consequence - on his health.

LED industrial lighting systems will significantly save energy thanks to the ability to adjust the light.

The requirements for such luminaires are always maximized. After all, they should be characterized not only the opportunity to cover a huge area and resistance to aggressive environments, but also ease of use, strength and durability. One of the most important roles is also played by the question of energy saving industrial lighting fixtures.

We at a reasonable price is a wide range of luminaires intended for operation in industrial environments. Also present are LED linear elements in the model number that will come, as it is impossible, by the way, when light industrial warehouses, car washes and garages. They also are an excellent solution for lighting areas of production, as well as areas that should be protected as much as possible from such adverse conditions, such as dust and moisture.

Our LED lighting devices can boast not only high-quality and efficient light-emitting diodes of new generation, but also the optimal ratio of the functional characteristics and parameters related to the size and weight of items.

Positive feedback from experts in the field and engineers is the best guarantee of quality and reliability of our products, we have long become competitive in the market of lighting systems.

In addition, at each stage of the production of our entire range of passes strict quality control. It includes:

Quality control LEDs and boards used for each lamp;
driver settings;
Check power and measuring lumen;
Checking the parameters of all the requirements for the finished product;
Passage of control at the final stage;
Under certain conditions, some models are more stringent control conditions (high and low voltage, non-standard temperature and so on. D.).