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LED Spotlight Model PRS-50 is generally used for outdoor lighting advertising constructions, residential and industrial buildings, monuments, columns. This model PRS-50 contains from 20 to 35 LEDs and integrated switching power supply. Equipment secured by staples located on the housing. This unit can direct the flow of light to the desired angle. LED spotlights are an indispensable tool in the conditions of outdoor decorative lighting. And it's all thanks to the individual properties of LEDs.

Resistance to external factors, long service life, it is possible to place the PRS-50 LED spotlights at any height - and this is only the most obvious advantages that can be noted. LED Spotlight PRS-50 is considered the most powerful of the series CP, which is produced by our company.


Electrical specifications:  
AC voltage supply, V: 170-264
frequency Hz 50/60
The power unit, W 40
Power factor, PF 0,95 +/- 5%
Temperature range, ° C  -45 - +50 °С
Class of protection against electric shock in accordance with GOST R IEC 60598-1-2003  I
Characteristics of light:  
Luminous flux 5000 +/- 5%
Color temperature, K 5500-6000
The angle of the luminous flux disclosure Grad 100
Color Rendering Index, CRI >80
Type of light intensity curve Cosine
Emission of the harmonic components of the network / broadcast GOST R 51318.15-99 Ultra-low
overheating protection function there is
housing options  
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 285*232*140
Overall package dimensions (LxWxH) mm 290*250*160
Weight, kg 2,95
Gross Weight 3,25
Bore diameter lamp, mm -
Protection class module, IP 65
Protection class unit, IP 67
Climatic performance UHL1

Recently, in order to illuminate the streets, houses, billboards and signage, are increasingly used modern technology with LEDs.

Opting for these LED spotlights due to several factors. They consume much less electricity, compared with spotlights in the old-style lamps (discharge), and thus are less expensive. It is also possible to cover only those parts that are needed, due to the exact orientation of the limelight. LED spotlights can not heat up during operation, and do not harm the environment and the human body.

A huge variety of lighting fixtures, which are different in type and number of LEDs, the use of different optics, allows you to use them for any problems. For example, such as the lighting of roads, highlighting various promotional objects, landscape lighting, residential lighting / residential areas, stadiums and more.

Lighting devices with LEDs are indispensable for lighting large areas. Currently, their use has spread to almost all areas. Various LED spotlights, which are different value can be used as in the urban sector, and individuals.

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