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Electrical specifications: Index
AC voltage supply, V: 170-264
frequency Hz 50/60
The power unit, W 100
Power factor, PF 0,95 +/- 5%
Temperature range, ° C  -45 - +50 °С
Class of protection against electric shock in accordance with GOST R IEC 60598-1-2003  I
Characteristics of light:  
Luminous flux 10000 +/- 5%
Color temperature, K 5500-6000
The angle of the luminous flux disclosure Grad 100
Color Rendering Index, CRI >80
Type of light intensity curve Cosine
Emission of the harmonic components of the network / broadcast GOST R 51318.15-99 Ultra-low
overheating protection function there is
housing options  
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 185*360*100
Overall package dimensions (LxWxH) mm 190*365*105
Weight, kg 4,05
Gross Weight 4,15
Bore diameter lamp, mm -
Protection class module, IP 65
Protection class unit, IP 67
Climatic performance UHL1


LED spotlights can vary in type and number of LEDs used, for the variety of secondary optics and other parameters. Such a huge variety of models provides the use of projectors, as in utilitarian (lighting of roads, the factory, the factory premises), and in a purely decorative purposes (lighting elements of landscape art, architectural buildings and museum exhibits).

Plant «USLEDLAMPS.COM» sells LED spotlight designed for exterior lighting. Prices for lighting acceptable, as well as provide the delivery guarantee in any region of the Russian Federation.

Currently, LED spotlights recognized as the most suitable for illuminating large areas, from buildings and bridges up to the city streets and stadiums, both in quality and in energy-saving settings. Increasingly, housing and municipal services and city life give their preference to the LED lighting devices, instead of the outdated gas discharge lamps. No less popular data LED spotlight won on private areas, both in the city and in the countryside.

Also, LED-projectors are characterized by their watertight construction and impact resistance, because their body is made of high-strength aluminum, the lighting element is firmly protected by thick glass. Some projectors have colored LEDs (4 primary colors with 16 shades), enabling to use an unusual creativity in decorative lighting and landscape construction.

And some of the advantages of buying LED spotlights:

- Lighting fixtures represented different types of long service life and will serve you for years to come;

- Do not heat up even after a long non-stop operation;

- For regular customers and wholesale customers, our company provided discounts;

- There is a guarantee for all services provided by us;

- If necessary, we can provide the installation of lighting fixtures in designs of any complexity.

If you want to buy LED projector at the best price in Moscow - we are waiting for your call!

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