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LED Spotlight PRS-10 model is usually used in the external lighting installations and other urban facilities. Rich lighting will look visually very impressive, not to mention the lighting at night. Spotlight LED has a compact size, making it easy to locate the right place, as an important advantage is the saving of electricity. For mounting spotlights required only 5.3 min., Due to a very convenient bracket by which it can be attached to any surface of the ceiling, walls, beams. With its small size, the spotlight can be implemented in almost any openings and bottlenecks that require a reliable and bright light. These LED spotlights can already decorate differently property, making it a more attractive appearance at night or evening hours. Its aluminum housing ensures reliable operation over the warranty and post warranty period.

Electrical specifications:  
AC voltage supply, V: 170-264
frequency Hz 50/60
The power unit, W 10
Power factor, PF 0,95 +/- 5%
Temperature range, ° C  -45 - +50 °С
Class of protection against electric shock in accordance with GOST R IEC 60598-1-2003  I
Characteristics of light:  
Luminous flux 1000 +/- 5%
Color temperature, K 5500-6000
The angle of the luminous flux disclosure Grad 100
Color Rendering Index, CRI >80
Type of light intensity curve Cosine
Emission of the harmonic components of the network / broadcast GOST R 51318.15-99 Ultra-low
overheating protection function there is
housing options  
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 115*85*85
Overall package dimensions (LxWxH) mm 125*100*100
Weight, kg 0,45
Gross Weight 0,55
Bore diameter lamp, mm -
Protection class module, IP 65
Protection class unit, IP 67
Climatic performance UHL1
Colour gray / black

Bright LED Spotlight Model PRS-10 to 10W is used to illuminate the buildings and facilities, which are very important for any city, for example, monuments, theaters, fountains, etc. He quietly operates at temperatures of -45 to + 50 mode, and such simplicity it is only a plus.

This LED projector PRS-10-1 model is certainly worth a buy, because it:

1. Cost - reducing energy consumption;

2. It guarantees brighter illumination with a stream of light in the 1000 lumen;

3. Eco-friendly, for any damage does not harm nature;

4. Compact, so it can be easily positioned at the right place;

5. Provision of the warranty period of 3 years;

6. Long lifetime, experts give a guarantee of 30 thousand. Hours of continuous work on this model, as compared to conventional floodlights.

7. Such a long life justifies its cost.

8. Easy installation with free adjustment LED spotlight tilt.

Bright lights from this spotlight will look visually beautiful and practical at the same time perform the function, illuminating the city objects in the night time and, to some extent, protecting them from vandals.

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