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LED spotlights, you can buy from the manufacturer at competitive prices. All products are intended for the organization of lighting advertising signs, billboards, architectural lighting of administrative and residential buildings. LED spotlights consist of LEDs 20-35 SEMILEDS or CREE (USA), which is integrated in the switching power supply. Spotlights are mounted through the bracket, which allows to easily change the direction of light. They are widely used both in decorative and architectural lighting of facades and walls of buildings, as well as the illumination of churches, monuments, columns, trees, and in general for outdoor lighting. LED spotlights have undeniable advantages, allowing to place them in different designs and at all altitudes, while the cost of 100 rubles. It is worth noting the long life of led lights. To buy the LED spotlight from VIXMA companies at competitive prices and to get their wholesale price list, you can call the hotline.

Due to its higher energy efficiency, they form a strong competition on the classic lamps discharge lamps. Light LED spotlights, thanks to better light flux is not scattered by a huge plane, and illuminates only the necessary portions.

These LED spotlights are already widespread in intellectual systems of automatic lighting control. They provide maximum efficient energy consumption, depending on environmental factors, which include the level of natural lighting, the presence of people in the desired zone, the set time on / off, etc.

LED spotlights are distinguished by the number of LEDs used and the type species for secondary optics, and other features. A huge variety of models makes it possible to use projectors in a purely utilitarian (lighting factory and factory buildings or roads) and for decorative purposes (eg lighting landscape art objects, architectural buildings and museum exhibits).

We are used to seeing Pestryaev advertising lights and take the shining lights as an indicator
respectability, but we forget that this type of coverage is very expensive, and no generation of scientists for a long time to decide the question to reduce wastage of electricity. You can now strongly approve of the fact that this problem has been successfully resolved.
With super-bright light diodes spotlight is a perfect replacement of traditional lighting sources that have managed to prove low efficiency. Today, lighting appliances with light diodes have occupied the leading place among the sources for illumination, not only because of the economy of electric power, but also a simple structure. They are used as a backlight in restaurants, in cafes, in offices, for billboards, for fountains, bridges, tunnels, architectural structures, as well as for the main outdoor lighting for areas to the areas of lighting for open storage areas.
It is an indisputable quality of these projectors thanks to a long working term. And it can not boast of a simple tube lamps. Light Spotlight diode has an average working period of more than 50 thousand hours and at 24 hours of work a day, he will be more than 7 years - and this makes it possible to establish it in places with difficult access, and not to spend money at the same time for his service.
Ergonomic and powerful light projectors with diodes do to realize various projects for lighting, in which the need to reduce waste of electrical energy.
Light projectors LED is characterized by fast switching, not the ability to emit infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, no mercury and hazardous substances. Some of their advantages include high brightness, excellent color transfer resistance, climate impacts and vibration and mechanical strength, as the light diode array is attached to the reliability of the metal casing and tempered glass locked optical. Spotlight with light diodes proved themselves as high-performance, energy-efficient devices also having a long working period, and compactness together with the low weight comfortable in general lighting or as a complex system for illumination.
These advantages make the light diode spotlights irreplaceable when used in conjunction with the independent systems for energy and as a replacement for conventional spotlights to save money for lighting.
The source for the supply built makes it possible to connect the spotlight to the 220 network without an additional transformer. Connection is established through the terminal box, which is located in the rear of the chassis, but rather in a separate airtight compartment. The wires extend through the sealing sleeve, and is located on the housing for securing the bracket spotlights on any surface and to secure it in the desired position, making it easy to change the angle, and also the direction of light flow in a huge range.
Competitive advantages:
• Lowering the consumption energy by 2.5 times in comparison with the gas discharge analogue;
• Rugged molded together with a high degree of protection against external influences, which makes it possible to use the lamp with an aggressive environment;
• Multiple variations of the direction of flow diagrams of light;
• With the introduction of these luminaires reduced power waste to be inputted during the construction phase;
• Bracket Swivel allows to adjust the angle of inclination of the spotlight of ± 180 °;
• Reduced operating costs due to long service life;