company FOCUS was organized in 2004. As part of its work was carried on and conducted its own design of LED lamps, floodlights, lamps. Have been successfully produced. The company FOCUS is the structure which organized the first in Russia successful production of led lamps./prospesna implemented the organization's marketing strategy largely influenced the formation of the market for LED lighting in the territory of CIS countries.

In its essence laid the rationale for the comprehensive benefits from upgrading lighting systems to the use, developed by FOCUS, innovative solutions. Recognition at the highest level was obtained after access to the European market./rcompany FOCUS is a leading developer and manufacturer of led lamps in Russia. Innovative technologies are successfully implemented on the basis of the company through participation in economic modernization. The result of the work patterns is a effectively-established serial production of reliable and powerful led lights.

Maintained in company FOCUS developments allow to expand the list of products of the plant, in integrating the new market demanded products. Performed full production cycle: from development to implementation of innovative technical solutions./recentrly headquarters and production complex of the company are in the FOCUS of Fryazino Moscow region. Meanwhile, the dealer network operates stably and expanded, including outside Russia. All this makes led fixtures manufactured at the company's plant FOCUS, available to buyers from all over the world.