In this section, we present our led lamp socket E14 we manufacture a large assortment of different shapes and colors the candle, the ball candle in the wind flat reflector. Power - 3 to 4 watts. Each model is available in two different color temperature of warm white and cool white light. The E14 base is a threaded tube cap with a diameter of 14mm. Sometimes it is called Mignon.

Traditionally this cap produced lamps with a diameter of up to 50mm in the form of candles, small bowl or reflector for ceiling fixtures. Power usually does not exceed 60 watts for incandescent lamps. Mostly in mnogoreztsovyh wall sconces chandeliers, etc., Some models are suitable for false ceilings. In the latter case, the use of led light bulbs are preferable, they are not enough heated and therefore do not spoil the fabric of the stretched ceiling.

If you don't get hung up on the price of led lamps with socket E14 of course the above is the only thing you should notice is the size - led bulbs with base E14 spiral larger than their old counterparts. The reason for this technology - LEDs need cooling or they will quickly fade fade. Is used for cooling the radiator. He unfortunately takes a lot of space. In our online store TAURA You can choose and buy led bulb E14 with delivery and warranty.

If You want to see them live and not in the picture to assess the quality and characteristics that can all be done in the showroom our office our address location map. We deliver to USA and the CIS. And in New York and the New York region by courier service and our own transport. To recalculate the power of the incandescent bulbs we recommend you to divide it into 8-9 for warmer light and 10 for cold. Immediately clear that 3-4 watt led can not serve as an adequate substitute 60 Wattay bulb.

However, we do not manufacture led minion with capacity above 4 watts. This is due to the fact that it is impossible in a small volume to build the heat sink for good heat dissipation from the led consumes 5-8 watts. Ie, make a lamp of course you can but it will be obscenely large, or the LEDs will overheat and as a result quickly fade. Due to the fact that the power led of minions is limited, very often encounter the problem of replacement. For example the room is a chandelier with 5 E14 bulbs at 60 watts each.

What led bulbs with base E14 should opt to keep the light level the Ideal would be 5 candles on 7-8 watts each. But I have no one. You can of course it is reasonable to note that the other stores selling a lot of led lamps E14 with a capacity of 5-6 watts.