E14 led bulb is one of the most popular models among all products developed on the basis of led lighting technology. It is an excellent alternative to conventional incandescent and is a good competition in led bulbs. Thanks to its efficient power consumption long service life and bright illumination, these lamps are increasingly seen as the main source of light in the premises of various purposes. The human eye responds better to sunlight. Therefore, the more light emitted by the electric lamp close to natural the more our feelings for a long working day.

Led bulb LED E14 with its soft light allows reducing eye strain and thereby protect us from fatigue. Creating General lighting in a residential area organization of complex industrial emergency street lighting application as a barrage of lights to create different types of illumination in all these spheres, effective use of energy saving led lamps E14. Today led bulbs E14 price of which ranges from 100 to 150 USD available to the majority of consumers. Installed these lamps in almost all major commercial networks and public entertainment establishments. Entrepreneurs understand that it is cheaper to install led lighting at a reasonable cost than to once again burden themselves with constant maintenance and replacement of standard incandescent light bulbs.

Led energy saving lamp E14 have the following characteristics Led lamp E14 7W developed as innovative analogue of the standard incandescent type E14 base and is able to compete with the previously common fluorescent light sources. The main advantages of led lamps in comparison with the above lighting technologies are Despite the innovative status and availability of the widest number of obvious advantages as any other technology created by human hands led light bulb has its drawbacks. First one is reducing the effectiveness and duration of service when used in luminaires made failure to meet requirements concerning heat dissipation. Moreover a drastic reduction of the lifespan of the led light source may be in continuous use in an environment with a temperature of about 60 OS and above. In the end some inconvenience, the user may bring the too bright blinding light in the absence.