Description UlftaFire diodes CREE - the Most popular lantern hunters and fishermen lamp is characterized by its simplicity and ruggedness has high maintainability. Has a high range. Handheld flashlights UltraFire built on a powerful ultra-bright led CREE XML T6 or U2 luminous flux of up to 1300 lumens anodized aluminum housing protection against water. Batteries 1x18650 Li-ion battery included. Features Lights are equipped with several modes of operation.

Button switch in the end of the flashlight. Modes of operation maximum brightness medium brightness low brightness strobe SOS. To change the mode of the flashlight click the on button with a light touch. The service life of led up to 10,000 hours. Clear hotspot spot light with a high range in the field to 400 meters Powerful ultra-bright led CREE XML T6 or U2 LED provides a luminous flux of up to 1000-1300 lumens.

Compact size. Weight 90-120 grams. Led flashlight Ultrafire 501B XML T6. Led flashlight Ultrafire 502B XML U2. Led flashlight Ultrafire C8 XML T6.

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