Information Protection Policy

The reliability of the site and policies protect clients' information


Compliance with privacy policies - it is used by a range of measures to prevent deliberate leaks of any kind. "Svetorezerv" factory pays great attention to the protection of personal information, the following principles:

• Any received by us from the customer personal information (for registration) will never be disclosed to third parties.
• Contact data is transmitted only to the client's consent.
• The customer personally determines the amount of personal information provided to us.

Service "Svetorezerv" plant record data of the following types:

• data provided voluntarily when registering on the official website;
• technical data, which are recorded when visiting the website registered customer, thanks to software our official site.

Please note that all customer contact data specified in the registration form, are checked for their accuracy and authenticity. With regard to technical information, access it occurs automatically when you visit the site. Technical information is the data from the server log:

• Information about the transition from the page on the Internet, about the length of time on the site and downloaded the client files;
• Client IP-address, name of the provider, the domain, the type of browser and operating system used;

Our official website is equipped with counters statistics, which analyze website. As a result, the analysis covers the development of new offers for our visitors. Corporate security policy prevents third parties to disclose the connection between the customer's contact information and the IP-address. This rule can be violated only in cases attached as Russian laws. Any personal data that the customer leaves the site in the process of registration, may be published only after the permission of the user. Other contact information such as email addresses, Skype and so on. N., Is only used to communicate with our customers and never ever published.

The use of cookies

On standard uses cookies technology used by our official website. They are short text files stored by your web browser. Therefore, a user visiting the site from your computer, the identification is performed by using cookies. With the help of these files accumulate data for the analysis of user site traffic.

Guarantees the protection of information of our clients

For the protection of data obtained from the registered clients, the administration of our site uses known technologies and techniques that comply with corporate privacy policies.

common industry standard data protection technology used to protect sensitive information. Security Technologies provides distortion of information, as well as its unauthorized distribution. Information security is achieved by using several technologies:

• modern software firewall;
• strict compliance with the privacy policy of the company;
• the use of special methods of access confirmation;
• a variety of cryptographic tools.

Be aware that the administration of the site are not allowed and will never request personal access password. site maintenance can not change the password at the request of any person. Change the password for your account can make himself the owner of a particular account. To change the password for the account holder should click on the "Change Password" and fill out a form. Our service is of high quality and reliability. It provides advanced data protection technology. Our webmasters constantly monitor and maintain the site in perfect condition with a strict implementation of the basic principles of corporate security policy and conservation of personal data. The management ensures complete safety when working with him. If the client has any questions concerning the protection of information, he must contact the managers of the site via email, Skype, or make a phone call. Phone numbers are listed under "Contact Us."