Question: Why is best to buy lamps from you?
A: It's pretty simple. Only here anyone can, buying a lamp, bring your interior design solution (in the shortest possible time, in the required quantity and with a guarantee of six months). By the way, we have a delivery service to the house lighting equipments already once in the day of order.
In addition, only we have (compared to competitors) to spell are always the most relevant residues, which are updated periodically (daily - at least twice).

Question: In the situation of lack of stock of goods necessary to the client whether the prepayment is required?
Answer: By the way, a very topical issue. Look, we do not take an advance payment if the total amount of the reservation will be less than 100,000 rubles. If such an order value is large, then the question prepaid decide individually (by agreement with the customer).

Question: Do you consider shipping outside the specially specified by cities? If the answer is - yes, under what conditions?
Answer: This service is, of course, it is possible! spetsdostavki cost to nearby cities is always calculated managers of our company in the near office. Delivery on the territory of Russia (out of our offices) will be carried out by special transport companies. With regard to the amount of such a service cost, it is about 200-500 rubles. with a minimum order of 2000 rubles. Summary addresses of transport companies is in our section "LOAD in my town." Here, everyone can view the full information about the presence of the transport company is resembling to his city.

Q: If not in stock the necessary client model lamp, which approximate term of delivery?
Answer: Of course, everything will depend on the position of the goods. Each client has the opportunity to submit a request to the interests of its goods directly from the product page on the official website of the company (application form below). In general, a minimum period ranges somewhere in the aisles of 3-10 days. In extreme cases, this can consist of lines and longer (but not more than 2 months).

Question: How can we calculate the lighting, for example, in a single room?
Answer: You have to understand that such lighting calculations always depends on some factors that must be taken into account (the target destination premises, colors of walls, floors, etc.). We encourage our customers to do this kind of calculation based on the 15W constant 1m².

Question: Do you have a opportunity to purchase a specific model lampshades lamp?
Answer: Selling absolutely all lampshades, unfortunately, we do not do! Buy our ceiling can only be those that are offered by the company in the "Plafonds" section.

Q: The halogen bulbs consumers began to be used more frequently than with conventional incandescent counterparts. What is the reason?
Answer: There are several factors. Halogen svetoistochniki smaller in size compared to conventional lamps, just a few times. This design characteristic is still important during installation, interior design, as well as recycling. Secondly, the term of service of a higher galogenok! Apart from the above advantages, the halogen lamp also gives much bright stream of light (3000K).

Question: Is there any significant differences between the halogen lamps at 12V and simple lights on 220V?
Answer: Absolutely. Halogen 12V svetoistochniki to serve you longer. They are also much safer to work with. The only negative - these bulbs require a step-down transformer (which is another plus 60-250 rubles). As lamps 220V, they are easier to install and service plan. Although the extension of their useful life specialists also recommend the use of protection, which is used for the halogen lamp group (which is another plus 150-200 rubles). Everyone decides for himself that he is more suitable. "Electronic Accessories" section will help you identify with such a choice.

Question: Is it possible to use energy-saving light bulbs in absolutely all types of lamps?
Answer: In most cases, saving svetoistochniki used only in those types of lamps in which the standard places for incandescent lamps with E14 or E27 socket. Also it offers the opportunity to use energy-saving lamps embedded in multiple species with halogen MR16-lamps (GX5.3-base).

Question: In your opinion, what energy-saving svetoistochniki better to choose?
Answer: Perhaps everything will depend on the premises where it is necessary to apply these bulbs. For example, for home lighting lamp is preferably used with a warm light (2700K). Glow in such models as close as possible to the incandescent bulbs simple. A man can feel in this stream of light comfort and a kind of home environment. In office buildings are perfect "white" (4000 K) or "cold white" (6200K) energy saving