Privacy Policy

Application Protection of confidential data
I. introduction
Confidentiality of information about the users - an important point, which is very serious Svetorezerv plant turns its attention. Such a statement would explain our policy on confidentiality of personal data (personal information) collected in the course of commercial activities of the various organizations or Russian citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation. In case of any queries or requests for personal information, please contact at any time. Our address: Moscow, ul. Krasin, 3 ( - e-mail).
II. What kind of information do we collect? When this happens?
Factory Svetorezerv only collects personal data. Such personal information about our customers we keep whenever they report it in person or send via email.
III. How to use this data?
Your personal information, we can use only for the following lines:
1) to provide answers to the inquiry or any request made by you personally;
2) to securely enable our partners-suppliers to provide quality services that are directly related to the services or the products Plant Svetorezerv;
3) for rapid notification of the presence of any additions or changes in respect of our services and products;
4) to allow the notification of data on the services or products of other companies, in which you can, in our opinion, be interested;
5) for sending all sorts of reviews and information messages, which, in our opinion, you can have a personal interest;
6) to inform about the implementation of measures to promote the product, for example, all sorts of competitions, interesting contests, profitable shares, etc .;
7) for the possibility of holding special marketing or evaluation studies.
The above information in aggregate form may also be used Plant Svetorezerv for analytical work, the development or the official web-site management.
You absolutely mind and just do not want us to have owned your personal information? No problem! Please inform us of this fact in writing to the following address: Big Gnezdnikovsky Lane, 1, building №2 ( - e-mail).
IV. References.
On the official website of the Plant Svetorezerv has links and a number of other web resources. Please pay special attention to the fact that we are absolutely not responsible for the preservation of privacy on the web sites of its kind. We advise you when you visit these resources carefully read the provisions of their privacy policy. This is a statement about the safety of confidential data relates only to information collected exclusively on our official website. Personal data of customers Mill Svetorezerv always protected.
V. Shipment of international information.
Of course, the use of a web resource for the collection and further processing of personal (personal) information in any case will inevitably include the process of dissemination of information for virtually all countries of the world. Please turn your attention to the fact that personal data provided by customers can always be transferred to and from the Russian Federation for the purpose of its special treatment Plant Svetorezerv. It should be noted that any such transfer of personal (personal) information carried out only under the condition that it will be handled according to the current application for the protection of confidential data. Revealing personal information to us, you agree the most international of its transmission.
VI. Changes to our policy.
Svetorezerv factory reserves the exclusive right to make further changes to the current statement.