LED fixtures manuals

Passport - storage management, transportation, installation and operation of LED lamps console SKU-12-220 series

       Lighting Plant "Svetorezerv" (the manufacturer) is grateful for your choice and guarantees high quality products. We urge you to carefully examine the passport - Guide to storage, transportation, installation and operation of LED lamps console (the product), the terms of the warranty, as well as to check the correctness of the warranty card. This warranty manufacturer confirms the acceptance of a commitment to meet the requirements of customers for warranty stipulated by the current legislation, however, reserves the right to refuse warranty service in case of non-compliance with the conditions set forth below.

Purpose and scope.
       The product is designed to work in networks AC 220 V and a frequency of 50 Hz.
       Scope of products: LED lamp, stationary (LED) for lighting: highways and transport interchanges, bus shelters, urban and village streets and squares, parks, houses adjoining areas, residential and office buildings, shopping and storage areas, parking lots, driveways and footpaths, community facilities, railway stations, railway station Square and the railway infrastructure, as well as the territories of industrial enterprises.
The lamp has a high resistance to environmental effects and precipitation, the body is made of an aluminum alloy according to GOST and GOST 15150.

        Lamp Series SKU-12 - 220 consists of:

Aluminum housing, consisting of two compartments
 -otsek location for the LED array (also a heat sink)
 -Technical compartment to accommodate the power supply and fasteners console
LED matrix (with LEDs located on its Semileds (US))
power supply
The product is repairable, which simplifies maintenance and reduces repair time lamp during and after warranty service period.

Power supply 176 - 264 V
The operating frequency of the network, in the range 40 - 50 Hz
Color Temperature 5000 - 5500 K
The term of service of the LED module is not less than 100 000 hours
Operating ambient temperature * - 70 to + 40 ° C
IP 65
Class of protection against electric shock 1

Installation and operation of LED products: a collection of rules.

Section 1. Introduction.
Lighting products based on LED technology, are intended for internal or external illumination, as stationary equipment. Different methods are used to install them (for example, wall and ceiling, invoice, etc.).

LED lamp is always easy to install on almost any type of flat surface. Installation can be performed in a variety of positions - vertical and horizontal (provided most housing construction). Diode products can be installed on walls, ceilings or lights-reliance. In each case, it is necessary that the mounting surface has always been smooth. For mounting on luminaire housing is located 2 spetsotverstiya, allowing you secure the product firmly tightening the screws.

LED-quality products are designed to work in a network with alternating current of 220 V voltage and
50 Hz nominal frequency. To terminal block to connect the necessary power supply wires
performed only when their connection to the corresponding terminals, namely:
1) L - phase;
2) N - neutral;
3) E - grounding.

Attention! The basic rule of the installation of LED products - diode lamp can only be installed by a qualified technician who is familiar with the manual.

Section 2. Instructions for utilities.
1. Dismantling, maintenance or installation of LED lighting products such as is carried out only when the power is off the network.
2. During the installation, hand lamps should always be dry.
3. Eliminating any possibility of contact with the diode lamp moisture.
4. Ensure a reliable moisture protection to all electrical connection.
5. Immediately prior to the connection of LED products need to make sure in the supply line 220 V mains voltage.
6. Connecting LED products to damaged wiring severely prohibited.
7. You should always follow the rules of the installation of LED products in the choice of location of their installation.
8. Do not install LED products to flammable or combustible materials.
9. It is desirable to eliminate the installation of diode product near a heater.
10. Direct operation of LED lamps should only be performed away from the active chemical environment, flammable objects, or flammable materials.

11. If swallowed diode product moisture or damage to the body can not use it.
12. It is forbidden to carry out operation of the LED lamp with a cracked, broken glass or without a lens.
13. It is advisable to discontinue the use of diode products in cases of blinks or the appearance of a dull glow.
14. Operation of the product to damage the wire insulation severely prohibited.
15. It is forbidden to carry out operation of diode lamps without providing the ground, which must be made in accordance with GOST 1.030.12.
16. In order to increase the operating life of the lighting equipments at least once a year to inspect the diode products in terms of their mechanical damage or contamination.
17. All electrical connections (both wiring and integrity) should be checked regularly.
18. In case of the occurrence of any questions about the installation or operation of LED products is necessary to turn to specialists for advice.

Section 3. Service.
LED lamps do not contain any type of special user-serviceable parts. Often it comes down only to the routine cleaning of all sorts of pollution. To improve quality and increase the reliability of the indicator lighting equipments lifetime is recommended to inspect periodically for mechanical fixtures
damage, pollution and assess their performance.

In the cases of contamination of the glass surface to be cleaned. To do this, you should not use any abrasive cleaners or solvents or aggressive detergents. Cleaning is performed with water or special detergent designed for glass / plastic. To avoid violations of thermal modes of operation of the product is necessary to routinely monitor the cleanliness and the shell itself. Clean only with a dry (or slightly damp) with a clean cloth.

The LED has a visible damage of mechanical nature, must be replaced. Attention! All this kind of work should be performed only when the power is off! Additional services are not required.

Section 4. Safety.
1. If the LED svetoistochnik out of order, it in no way be trying to repair their own, or else try to recover! These actions will lead to denial of service throughout the warranty period.
2. To avoid accidents do not disassemble the product!
3. Do not look directly at the also included diode lamp.
4. Connection and installation of the LED should produce only a specialist.

Section 5. Recycling.
LED products do not contain any toxic materials that bring harm to human health or the environment. The equipment does not require special disposal.

Section 6. Warranty.
Operational guarantee period (subject to the conditions of these rules) is 5 years. In the event of any fault of LED products during the warranty the manufacturer provides a warranty repair.