Assemble instructions

Product Maintenance Notes

When using the products recommended to periodically • The temperature of the product mode depends on the model

check: the applied power supply (below -20 ° C or above 40 ° C)

• The presence and condition of safety glass (in the cases, • Standard accessories power supply - temperature

provided instruction) mode -20 ° C to + 40 ° C

• Enclosure integrity • Power consumption of the LED module can

• Reliability of fastening products differ from the power consumption of products by an amount

• The status of the contact power supply wires (external +/- 15%. During the operation of the product may be

wires), and the quality of contact connections. failure of the LED crystal module in a nutria

• The presence and integrity of the insulation, condition or reduction of the luminous flux is not more than 20%,

live conductors, as well as the absence of oxides on that will not lead to a significant deterioration of brightness and

contact groups. Products efficiency.

Attention! Clean the protective glass surface

• The manufacturer has the right to make changes to

product specifications without notice of the customer, without affecting

products, produce a soft cloth, as the performance of the product.


Technical parameters are specified in the data sheet.



LED Light Bulbs: general rules of operation.
What is a LED bulb? This eco-friendly, innovative, modern device, based on the light source is, precisely, the LED. Lamps that are based on LED technology, have standard E14, E27 and E40 screw base and pin standard socket, GX70, GX53, G53 GU10 and GU5.3.
LED lamp (like ultra-modern lighting equipments) can significantly reduce power consumption and electricity costs (compared to conventional incandescent lamps simple savings - up to 90%). Applications LED: replacement of conventional incandescent lamps standard and compact fluorescent or halogen svetoistochnikov in interior lighting.
Getting to the installation and operation of LED lamps models, you must be sure to carefully read these general rules:
1. Installation of a LED lamp dismantling is carried out only when the power is off the network.
2. Any moisture on the type of LED bulb is unacceptable.
3. Use when installing outdoor lighting luminaires with a degree of dust protection or moisture protection of IP54 is unacceptable.
4. Do not use LED lamp with dimmer (ie, brightness control), with the exception of bulbs, which explicitly mentioned the possibility of dimming.
5. Remember that the LEDs operate in a circuit with spetsvyklyuchatelem having a built-in light bulb glow discharge (ie, "neonku") or a diode, can always lead to the regime rather weak glow of the lamp in position "off" of the switch. A similar situation may also occur in cases of improper electrical wiring (ie, when the switch is got neutral instead of phase).
6. It is absolutely inadmissible to connect the LEDs to the voltage from the nominal best. Doing so could lead to a significant reduction of operational life of the equipment or its failure.
7. By a substantial reduction in operational service life and may cause deviation from the permissible temperature limits of operation of LED lamps.
LED lamp does not require special disposal.
The warranty period of its service is 5 years (starting directly from the purchase date).