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LED Lighting are actively grasps the market, displacing its competitors. LED products catalog gets bigger every year, and the prices are getting lower and lower. This is a logical explanation - the number of advantages that offer LED-lamps (among them, and the service life and energy saving, and beneficial effects on vision) is much higher than the number of minuses (among them, perhaps, only the price). Today the market is downright full of different offers and LED lamp or LED ribbon buy simple. However, it is necessary to know certain characteristics to avoid possible errors in purchase.

Choosing items to those spaces where critical color rendering (studio or decorative interior lighting), it is necessary to take into account the color temperature of light. It is measured in kelvins. The higher the score - the colder the color of the lamp. Typical values ​​for the lamps vary from 2000-3000 K (color temperature similar to the temperature of incandescent light bulbs, a slightly yellow tint) and 3000-5000 K (suited to illuminate work surfaces or street lighting) to 5000 K and above (cold white light with a bluish tinge , mainly used for the illumination of advertisements).

Also pay attention to the exponent of the lamp protection. The indicator is called the IP-code consists of two digits. The first of them - an indicator of protection against mechanical intrusions. The numbers range from 0 to 6, where 0 - no protection, and 6 - Complete protection against contact with the external environment, including dust. For daily use at home suitable protection level = 0, for use in the street - 4. Higher values ​​needed for lamps used in specific aggressive environments. The second digit of the index - an indicator of protection from moisture. Here there are a number from 0 to 8. As in the previous case, 0 means the absence of protection, and 8 - the possibility of long-term immersion to a depth of 1 meter. To use the lamps in the street is sufficient degree of protection 3.

It is said that the replacement of conventional lamps to LED should be remembered that the power of the glow from the LED lamp - about 10 times stronger. Therefore, by replacing 60 watt incandescent lamp to replace it should take a 6-watt bulb. Analogues of 100-watt lamps are LED lamps power of 12 watts. They also are available with E14 and E27, which facilitates their replacement.

We need to make sure that the provider uses a high-quality power supply.

Knowing these little tricks will not drop a clanger when buying

лампы и сделать верный выбор.