Returning products

Svetorezerv The plant returned products (LED products, metal and cable) in the cases directly prescribed in the data sheet or in the specifications.

Attentive individual approach to the exchange and the buyer return the goods


The order of the product return and exchange products

Goods of good quality
Svetorezerv plant tries to use careful individual approach to all clients. Our company by the decision of the parties will replace the goods of poor quality, with the consent of the replacement at the equivalent price for the goods, the value of which is equal to or higher than the price of the exchanged goods purchased before us.

During the replacement of the goods, the customer will have to pay the overhead caused by the export of goods and delivery of exchangeable products. Replace product with hidden defect the buyer can always subject to the condition of non-use of the goods, and if its appearance and performance quality of preservation, has its original packaging, and documented most of the goods we purchase.
It is not possible to exchange the defective product if the buyer or a third-party organization has already begun to carry out its assembly or installation.

Product of poor quality (there is a hidden manufacturing defect) is required to replace or repair statutory deadlines, ie up to 21 days from the time of your treatment.
Warranty on all products are equal, the floor, and they are counted from the time of receipt of goods by the customer, as evidenced by the delivery note.
The principal document proving the payment of production and the emergence of warranty will waybill and recording in the warranty card products, the fact of its existence is a prerequisite for starting the warranty period.

Controlling the integrity of the goods from the effects of external factors (glass battle, chips, visible marriage) is performed at the time of delivery, when the external examination. Later objections by poor-quality appearance products are not subject to review.

Background - A list of goods that can not be returned and exchanged recorded in the resolution of the RF Government of 20.10.1998 N 1222 from 06.02.2002 N 81

It was not an exhaustive list of technically complex products for domestic use, with the stated warranty period (this household machines for cutting metal and wood processing, electrical appliances and machines for household, household radio electronics, copying and computers, photo and movie sets; telephones and fax machines, electronic musical instruments, toys, household gas equipment devices).