All products are certified. The section presents certificates for LED lamps LMS, UNIPRO, Certificates for LED street lamps and industrial lighting SKU SSA, props and lighting masts, and other production plant Svetorezerv.

  Certificate for internal lighting
 Certificate for outdoor lighting

Sanitary-epidemiological certificate (signing) to LED lamps - SANPIN to LED lighting.
Certification of LED lamps LED lamps - modern and popular lamps light source, which is a light-emitting diode. This is one of the most environmentally friendly products of this type, which does not contain mercury components, so it is safe even in the event of failure or breakage. CERTIFICATE FOR LED LIGHTING LED luminaire certification is mandatory and serves as a tool for state regulation of safety and quality. This procedure is necessary in order to protect the population from the tolerance of defective products (in this case - LED lamps) on the market. Certificate for LED lighting is documentary proof that passed all the relevant certification procedures include the analysis submitted by the enterprise receiving the documentation and examination lamps themselves, they must be held strictly in independent research centers. An important factor is also at registration certificate for this type of lamps that in the course of the certification process to certify their proper quality and safety in use, and no identity data parameters legal production and sale of LED lighting fixtures in the Russian Federation is prohibited, as well as transportation of this type of product through state border. The certificate on the LED lights can be different: if certified by their party, the document shall be valid until the date designated as the date of completion of the possible operation, if certified produced a series of fixtures, the document provides for a period of one, three years or five years (choice of the recipient). In the case where the certified production, after the issuance of the document processes of manufacture of LED lights will be checked by inspection control certification body each year (up to the end of the certificate). Certification of LED lamps by specialized certification centers, where the application for a certificate of conformity. Compulsory center staff selected product samples will be produced, which then undergo laboratory examination carried out according to the regulations of the Customs Union. Only in the case of a successful outcome of tests, the applicant shall be entitled to rely on the registration certificate for the LED lighting, allowing to realize products to consumers.


Certification of LED lights - a guarantee of quality and protection against counterfeiting


Certification of LED lighting products
Lamps with LED-based, so-called LED, particularly popular today light sources. Their popularity is due to the high environmental friendliness due to lack of construction mercury components present in old-style lamps. These products are absolutely safe even in case of failure due to the failure, and on their utilization does not require additional financial resources.

Certification - a mandatory procedure. It serves as a guarantee of product quality, and is a public instrument for regulating these products in the lighting market. This procedure - protection of the population from poor-quality goods (in this case, the LED lamps) and counterfeiting.
The certificate is a document confirming the fact that the product has all the necessary certification procedures:
1. Perform an analysis of documentation submitted by the company receiving.
2. Expertise of the finished lamp. This examination is carried out exclusively by independent research centers.
3. In the course of the certification process is set matching the required quality standards, safety in operation.
Without documentary certifying the above facts the sale of lighting fixtures in the territory of Russia is prohibited, prohibited their export and transport of goods across the state border.

validity of the certificate is different. If certify the batch of products, the period of validity of the document is determined by the completion date of a possible operation. In the case of certification of manufactured series of LED lighting products document can be issued a validity of one, three or five years (the term defines the recipient company). At certification of production after the issuance of the document production process technologies of LED lighting products are also tested inspection controls certification body every year, until the expiry of the certificate.

Certification is engaged in special CAs. Previously in such a center is sought. Always held selection procedure for the test product samples, selected samples are laboratory examination. All actions are performed