Computer Lighting payment facilities and open spaces of any complexity
       Three-dimensional visualization of models of objects and lighting options for the design decisions and preparation of equipment specifications
       Direct supply of lighting equipment of its own production
Lighting production facilities:


Office lighting:



Street lighting:



Svetorezerv The company offers services in design, installation and dismantling, lighting devices, lighting poles and masts.
1. The design of LED lighting systems
Services of design of lighting LED systems. Our experts will design the lighting of interiors, facades of buildings, streets, squares, monuments and other architectural objects with three-dimensional graphics and simulation technology, which will give a complete picture of the applicable lighting facilities; will design electrical networks with all necessary equipment.
Development of project documentation includes:
- A design project (if necessary);
- The lighting part - izolyuksovye diagrams, illumination table, the location of lighting fixtures, and more;
- Specification of electric lighting equipment;
- The development of construction documents
2. an energy audit
energy audits of services (energy audits) include:
- Energy audit
- Technical examination
- Definition of norms of consumption of fuel and energy resources
A survey of energy facilities in order to identify energy efficiency, identify measures for its improvement and their feasibility, including a collection of documentary information, instrumental examination, information analysis and development of recommendations for energy conservation.
The aim of the work:
- Assessment of the actual state of energy use;
- Identify the causes and defining the values ​​of the loss of fuel and energy resources;
- Development of a plan of measures aimed at reducing the loss of fuel and energy resources.
The results:
- Technical Report on Conducting energy audits;
- Recommendations for improving the efficient use of energy resources and to reduce energy costs;
- Energy passport.
Technical inspection
Checking the technical condition of the object and the necessary documentation for its proper functioning.
Calculation of residual life.
The purpose of technical inspection:
- Definition of a technical condition of the object;
- The possibility of safe operation and future maintenance.
Determining norms of consumption of fuel and energy resources (FER)
The ratio of consumption - the amount of fuel consumed and energy per unit of output.
The aim of the work:
- Drawing up of the fuel and energy balance of the enterprise;
- Determination of non-productive expenditure of energy resources.
The results:
A summary statement of the total consumption of energy resources now for the billing period;
Technical report on the work performed.
3. electrical work
replacement of lighting poles
installation of lighting poles
alignment of lighting poles
installation of fixtures
suspension wires
laying the cable with voltage up to 1000V underground
assembly and installation of lighting control centers
installation of multi-tariff counters
4. maintenance of lamps and lighting poles
Removing dust from lamps
wash fixtures
cleaning bearings against rust
supports painting
repair supports (embedding cracks, etc.)
5. Installation of lighting equipment
Removing and installing lighting fixtures, lamps and spotlights
Mounting and dismounting of bearings and lighting masts
Mounting and dismounting of safety fences
Removing and installing noise barriers and acoustic screens
Installation and dismantling of temporary roads
Mounting and dismounting of transformer substations
Removing and installing an electricity pylon
Removing and installing diesel generators
Mounting and dismounting of uninterruptible power supplies